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Heidi Carter

Heidi is an accomplished realtor in Northern Virginia and has built a reputation of completing the job by finding creative solutions to difficult problems. She is passionate in helping others in any way possible. Heidi is actively involved in community service with the local youth as a volleyball coach. She enjoys committing her time to various fundraisers such as her brokerage’s Golf Tournament, Canneries through her Church, and raising food for the homeless with SHARE.

Her 16 years’in the arenaof sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies has provided her with a unique outlook and understanding of the real estate process. Along with her driven personality, this has given her an ability to provide a superior level of service in every aspect. She understands that service is a fundamental element of success in business. Providing and maintaining the highest level of service to her clients is a commitment she takes great pride in offering. In her words, “True service is a higher level of understanding. I commit to understanding my customers, that’s what makes me different and better than anyone else.”


Heidi was incredible to work with as a realtor. She is highly competent and if she does not have an answer to your question on the spot, she will always get back to you with one. Heidi does her research! She estimated the appraisal value of my home nearly on the dot, this was very helpful when negotiating an asking price. Heidi will bend over backwards for you and she is extremely dedicated in her work. I doubt there are few, if any, realtors who can hold a candle to how hard she works at her job. Heidi has a strong personality that comes across very well when doing negotiations. As long as you tell her what you want, she is very good at getting it for you. Make sure you are up-front with Heidi, just like you don't want to be kept in the dark, neither does she. The more information you give her the more she can help you. If you want someone who will dedicate themselves to give you what you are looking for in a home, Heidi is the realtor for you.

- Chris H